Top 5PriceChange
TTLC1 3503,85%
BOAC3 4001,49%
BOABF3 7200,13%
Flop 5PriceChange
SIBC2 600-1,52%
SMBC3 395-0,15%
BOAB3 895-0,13%
Market Activities
Value89 155 455 FCFA
Equities Capitalization4 538 296 080 726 FCFA
Bonds Capitalization4 413 053 118 884 FCFA


Asset Management Companies are legal entities which engage mainly in the management of private securities by way of investments and trading on the stock exchange. They do this via Investment Management Companies (IMCs) to which they send the corresponding orders to discretely handle the management of securities entrusted to them for a management term established with their customers.

These management companies, acting on behalf of third parties, must not hold the securities and/or funds of their customers. They are called Asset Management Companies.

The conditions for the approval of Asset Management Companies are defined in CREPMF’s General Rules and Regulations and under CREPMF’s Instruction 5/97 relating to the approval of Asset Management Companies. 

Immeuble JECEDA 01
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