Top 5PriceChange
BNBC1 1206,67%
CABC1 0555,50%
STBC7 2004,80%
SGBC19 3004,32%
Flop 5PriceChange
ORGT1 600-5,88%
PALC6 000-4,00%
TTLS2 300-3,56%
BOAN5 775-2,04%
Market Activities
Value1 592 581 775 FCFA
Equities Capitalization8 356 319 326 224 FCFA
Bonds Capitalization10 306 669 536 205 FCFA

Investment Advisory Services

The individuals or companies that carry out the activities of investment advisory firms guide the choices of their clients without replacing them in final decision making.

Those allowed to perform the activities of investment advisory services are individual persons with proven experience in this area of activity, and companies that employ or use the services of people who can provide evidence of the same conditions of professional experience.

The conditions for approval of Investment Advisory Services are defined in CREPMF’s General Rules and Regulations and under CREPMF’s Instruction 6/97 relating to the approval of Go-Betweens, Investment Advisory Services and Salespersons.