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8 mars 2019 - Abidjan: For the fifth consecutive year, capital markets around the world were pleased to "Ring the Bell for Gender Equality" to celebrate International Women's Day 2019. The West African Regional Stock Exchange (BRVM) joined the WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT PRINCIPLES (WEP).

This event was organized as the result of a partnership between IFC, Sustainable Stock Exchanges (SSE) Initiative, UN Global Compact, UN WOMEN, the World Federation of Exchanges and Women in ETFs. It aims to raise awareness among stakeholders of the regional financial system on the issue of women's economic empowerment and on opportunities for the financial sector to advance gender equality for more harmonious and sustainable development.

The theme for the International Women's Day 2019 is "Think equal, build smart, innovate for change". It is a real paradigm shift that must lead to concrete actions for economic development, improvement in social protect and better assess to universal services.

The Ring the Bell for Gender Equality 2019 was also an opportunity to celebrate the progress made so far and to encourage the financial sector to take further steps to improve and strengthen the position of women in the financial markets.

To support its commitment to contribute more to gender equality, BRVM ratified on this occasion the WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT PRINCIPLES (WEP) which guide companies in the implementation of actions to promote gender equality in the workplace, the market and the community. "This reflects our commitment for better valuation of women's work and especially for this work to be considered as a key factor in creating wealth in our economies," said Dr Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE, CEO of the BRVM and DC/BR.

Several women participated in the 2019 edition of the Ring the Bell for Gender Equality at the BRVM, namely Mrs. Sarata KONE (Ceo of UBA Côte d'Ivoire); Florence Boupda NGUEDA, (IFC); Madeleine OKA-BALIMA (UN WOMEN); Orphée MONNET-KEBE (President of APBTCC); Nabou FALL (President of WIC Côte d'Ivoire); staffs of the Secretary General of CREPMF, BRVM and DC/BR.

The honor returned to Mrs. Khady Dior NDIAYE who was the keynote speaker of the event.

It was also the opportunity to launch the quarterly magazine "Divine Afrique", an initiative of the former journalist of Fraternité Matin, Mrs. Dominique Mobioh-Ezoua.

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