Top 5PriceChange
SLBC70 9607,50%
NTLC1 4507,41%
STBC1 4857,22%
Flop 5PriceChange
PALC3 765-7,49%
BOAC3 840-1,29%
SMBC6 320-1,25%
BICC5 425-0,46%
Market Activities
Value928 024 930 FCFA
Equities Capitalization4 640 005 390 256 FCFA
Bonds Capitalization6 298 926 997 652 FCFA

Training online

Our video training courses below give you access to our online training content. These modules are simple, easy to understand, and can be visualized as you wish.

« What is BRVM and how do you invest in it? »

After the performances BRVM has recorded in recent years, it is necessary to know what decisions to make in the allocation of securities within its portfolio.

« How do you track the news on the BRVM? »

Investing in the BRVM requires the interested party to monitor the news relating to the BRVM and the various listed companies. To do so, various communication channels are available.

The financial results of listed companies are monitored closely by the various market players and investors. Regulated financial information results in regular publications that are essential to master. 

Several players are involved in the Regional Financial Market.

« Taxation at the BRVM »

The income from transferable securities on the regional stock market is subject to specific taxation.