Top 5PriceChange
BOAS2 5406,05%
BOAN5 6005,66%
CABC1 0654,93%
Flop 5PriceChange
SOGC5 300-6,69%
ONTBF3 205-6,01%
FTSC1 280-4,48%
Market Activities
Value850 657 650 FCFA
Equities Capitalization7 385 617 175 175 FCFA
Bonds Capitalization9 114 060 441 457 FCFA

Brokers (SGI)

Management and Intermediation Companies (SGI, for Sociétés de Gestion et d’Intermédiation) are a category of financial institutions with express exemption from banking regulations.

SGIs are authorized exclusively to act, on behalf of third parties, as brokers and dealers for listed securities companies. They are therefore entitled to receive and to hold funds from the public in connection with this activity.

All sales of securities listed on the BRVM are carried out through a Management and Intermediation Company (SGI), except in the event where exemptions are granted by the BRVM.

SGIs are authorized to carry on the business of securities account holders. However, issuers may hold their own securities on behalf of third parties.

The minimum capital of SGIs is set by an instruction from the Regional Council and stands currently at CFA 150 million.

SGIs must be constituted legally as Limited Liability Companies.

The conditions for approval of SGIs are laid down in CREPMF’s General Rules and Regulations and under CREPMF’s Instruction 4/97 relating to Management and Intermediation Companies (SGI).


Immeuble Platinum - 4ème étage, 18 Bd de la république
BP 11659
(221) 33 82 28 700
(221) 33 82 28 700
Immeuble Diallo Lô, 4ième étage, VDN CICES FOIRE, Dakar (Sénégal)
25672 Dakar Fann
(+221) 33 867 60 42
Bamako ACl 2000 Rue 239 Parcelle 2355 1er étage
BP E3407
+ 223 44 90 59 74 / 44 90 59 75
Invictus Capital & Finance
Immeuble Seydina Ch. A. Tijani 4e étage Rue L x Av. Birago Diop, Point E
BP 15498 Dakar - SENEGAL
(+221) 33 864 58 58