Top 5PriceChange
BOAC2 7503,19%
SOGC1 8502,78%
SDSC1 4852,77%
BOAS1 7002,10%
FTSC1 2400,81%
Flop 5PriceChange
PALC1 000-4,76%
ECOC3 000-2,44%
SMBC4 400-2,22%
ABJC1 100-0,90%
Market Activities
Value1 074 360 950 FCFA
Equities Capitalization4 614 867 179 982 FCFA
Bonds Capitalization3 743 430 263 473 FCFA


Management and Intermediation Companies (SGI, for Sociétés de Gestion et d’Intermédiation) are a category of financial institutions with express exemption from banking regulations.

SGIs are authorized exclusively to act, on behalf of third parties, as brokers and dealers for listed securities companies. They are therefore entitled to receive and to hold funds from the public in connection with this activity.

All sales of securities listed on the BRVM are carried out through a Management and Intermediation Company (SGI), except in the event where exemptions are granted by the BRVM.

SGIs are authorized to carry on the business of securities account holders. However, issuers may hold their own securities on behalf of third parties.

The minimum capital of SGIs is set by an instruction from the Regional Council and stands currently at CFA 150 million.

SGIs must be constituted legally as Limited Liability Companies.

The conditions for approval of SGIs are laid down in CREPMF’s General Rules and Regulations and under CREPMF’s Instruction 4/97 relating to Management and Intermediation Companies (SGI).


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